What material are the Smartwatches made of and is the skin friendliness tested?

The soft material of the bracelet is a thermoplastic silicone material TPSiV® 3345-65A, which is usually used for products such as wearables that are in contact with the skin. The harder frame material included in the bracelet is a polyurethane TPU 1283D.
The metal case of the watch and the screws are made of stainless steel, which is not expected to cause an allergic skin reaction.
The painted upper part of the watch case has no skin contact and is therefore uncritical. All materials used are REACH and RoHS compliant. The corresponding declaration is not yet available and is currently being prepared as part of the certification process.
In order to verify skin compatibility, many devices were worn by test persons over a long period of time without any abnormalities such as skin irritation.

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