aucobo – The automation-cookbook from Stuttgart.

The company


We are a young and innovative start-up company with our Headquarter in Stuttgart. Our technology enables autonomy, precision and world-class productivity to every member of the global manufacturing workforce.

“We wanted to create something new: our own company with its own culture and agency to create new ideas. The topic of digitization and intranet did not let us go and it became our goal to transfer the world of internal communication into the physical world.”


We deliver the leading human-centric smart wearable solution to revolutionize industrial shopfloor management.


“The name aucobo stands for “automation cookbook”: building your own automated workflows, to automate your processes. Through constant feedback, we developed more and more the human-centric machine interaction as the core of aucobo.”

The founders
Michael Reutter, Co-Founder

“As a passionate entrepreneur and engineer, I always dreamt of creating my own business. Especially topics such as lean manufacturing and the question of how to increase the efficiency of modern productions are of interest.”

Benjamin Schaich, Co-Founder

“As a co-founder and in my role as director of development at aucobo I can make use of my multiple years of experience as an IT project lead to steadily improve the aucobo product. I’m driven by exciting ideas and the creation of new things.”

The Interview

An interview with the founders Michael Reutter and Benjamin Schaich

From your experience how would you describe the current ecosystem of factories in the context of the industry 4.0?

Michael Reutter: There are three departments in a factory. In general you have the intralogistics and logistics, the machine operators and the maintainers. Currently, every group has its own software systems. The maintainers have their maintenance system. This can be part of an ERP-System. The intralogistics is connected to the warehouse and the machine operator has an MDE, a factory terminal or a manufacturing execution system. All of these systems operate isolated from one another and create data silos.

That already sounds quite complex – from your perspective what are the biggest challenges in this context.

Benjamin Schaich: From my perspective, the biggest challenge is these isolated operations. This means that the communication between these groups needs to be improved. For example, much of the communication happens via phones and is not reported or documented. The processes are not optimized holistically and instead the loudest screamer gets served. You can’t optimize according to the size of the bottleneck machine and instead have to go by intuitive importance. This is crucial in times of lean manufacturing.

How do modern factories solve the issue of their organically growing ecosystem?

Benjamin Schaich: Let’s take the machine operator as an example. He reports a defect of his machine. This is reported to the central terminal which manually coordinates and forwards the request. This takes time, creates expenditures and above all takes away the operator’s autonomy. In another case, the operator might call a maintainer that he knows and of whom he thinks he can solve the issue – of course without knowing the bigger context or how to prioritize his defect.

How does aucobo create value and solves the problem of these cases?

Michael Reutter: aucobo connects these systems and prevents silos. Based on this foundation our system prioritizes dynamically the different defects of the machines. Thereby, aucobo delivers valuable and time-relevant data of where the most pending task for the maintainer. Even if the defects of two broken machines are reported at the same time, the aucobo system sends a high priority message to the maintainer: “Attention, machine downtime at machine 15, repair urgently needed.” and a low-priority message: “Low-priority machine defect at machine 9”.

Careers at aucobo

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We wouldn’t be here without our amazing team and with the steady success of aucobo our team keeps on growing. That’s why we’re continuously looking to grow our team (m/f/d). Become part of something big!

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