One thing will get simpler: Everything!

The human centric aucobo software solution enables precision and autonomy by intelligently connecting your systems and maximizing your production’s potential.

In sum more than just its pieces


The aucobo solution consists of the aucobo connector, -core and -mobile.. The system optimizes the human-machine interaction, prevents silos, enables automated prioritization and delivers crucial real-time data for your decision-making.


Enable your workforce to work more flexible, effectively and efficiently and increase your overall equipment efficiency, save cost and enter the industry 4.0.


The right hardware for our software, all from one source!

In addition to the software, we can also provide you with the right wearables. Our smartwatches are available in various designs and are customizable for your specific industry.

aucobo mobile: more flexibility for any device

aucobo mobile is the customizable software application for mobile devices. Smartwatch, Tablet, ProGlove, Smartphone or any other device – aucobo makes it one system.

aucobo core: The control center of the system.

The manager between the single devices – the server backend. From here you control user- and task management, workflow configuration, process reviews and much more.

aucobo connector: Connecting, linking, performing.

The connector links your IT-environment to the aucobo system. The open system supports various APIs and creates a seamless data transfer.

aucobo seamlessly connects with third-party software

Third-party software

If needed the aucobo solution can seamlessly connect to third-party softwares and systems like MES or ERP-systems.

Do you have questions about how it works?

We are happy to help you.

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