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The intelligent shop floor organisation solution from aucobo decentralises communication on your shop floor and delivers summarised information to the right place at the right time.

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The human centric factory of tomorrow

Connect different departments and all employees within your shop floor. Make your production more mobile and efficient for a maximum increase in productivity.

human centric shopfloor data

“Overall optimization is the foundation for efficient production.”

Benjamin Schaich
Co-Founder aucobo

The Challenge

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What is aucobo?

The machine-human communication is outdated. Signal lights and static screens are not targeted, cause overstimulation and increase the need for coordination. This leads to inefficient processes and machine downtimes.

aucobo increases productivity through a new way of connecting humans and machines in the manufacturing environment.



aucobo optimizes machine operation through dynamic decision-making, prioritization and optimized maintenance.


aucobo enables efficient intralogistics, optimized routes and automates your warehouse management.

Software- & machine

Expand your products with aucobo and open up new possibilities with the platform independent aucobo solution.

“aucobo connects the most important systems and prevents silos.”

Michael Reutter
Co-Founder aucobo

How it Works

Simple implementation – with and without machine connection.


Problem identification

The machine operator recognizes a problem through a light- / acoustic signal, goes to the machine terminal and sends a call for help to a specialist via his aucobo application.


Problem report

The specialist receives the call for help on his Smartwatch and can either accept, reject or postpone the call (e.g. for 5 minutes). After acceptance, he goes to the machine to identify the problem more precisely.


Problem identification

The specialist identifies the problem, fixes it directly if possible and then scans a QR code.


Problem categorization

The specialist selects the problem type from a predefined list on his smartwatch in order to document the issue. This enables a more precise evaluation, even in the case of micro-errors.



The specialist solves the problem independently, documents the malfunction and ends the process – efficiently and effectively – through direct communication and flexibility.

Higher efficiency through connection to an existing MES or ERP system

Simple connection to external systems

By connecting the aucobo solution to an ERP or MES system, you will benefit from even higher efficiency. Due to direct communication without detours, the aucobo solution enables you to reduce downtime and increase the productivity of your plant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data protection & personal rights

There is no evaluation of vital functions (steps, pulse etc.). Furthermore, no GPS data is recorded or evaluated. Only specific selected user groups can access personal data.

The company aucobo does not evaluate the actions of its employees. If and how an evaluation is based on the collected data has to be determined individually. In order to ensure that the personal rights of the employees are respected, an evaluation can be carried out in groups (larger than three persons) if desired.

It is possible to mute messages with a “pause button” to take employees out of the information flow. The employee has the possibility to control when he receives messages.

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Usage by employees

For safety reasons, the strap of the Smartwatch will give way and break if a force of 98-107 Newton is applied, so that the wearer will not be caught by the Smartwatch if he or she gets stuck on a machine, for example.

The Smartwatches are usually being charged in the group leader’s office. Appropriate chargers have a magnetic charging cradle that charges the Smartwatch via robust contact pins. At the moment only single charging stations are available. A collective charging station will be officially introduced in the coming months.

The charging time is at a maximum of two hours.

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System specifications

The battery life of the Smartwatches depends on the application and use. For example, video recordings are very CPU intensive and therefore have a strong impact on the battery life.
The Smartwatch Model S, for example, achieves a battery life of between 8 and 21 hours.

Yes, other end devices such as smartphones or tablets can also be used.

The Preliminary Technical Information Sheet contains general information about the system. You can request this from us.

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