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aucobo mobile is the software for mobile devices. The platform independent development makes it possible to use the aucobo software on different devices with different operating systems. Every employee can be equipped with the appropriate device. Thus they are optimally supported in their work.

aucobo mobile


The software is optimized for different hardware and can be transferred to different mobile devices depending on requirements and application.


The flexible framework ensures that the data is always optimally displayed on the respective display and device. Even with simpler operating systems and expansion modules, such as a scanning glove, aucobo mobile takes over the coordination and ensures that the handling is simple and intuitive for the user. Therefore, changing devices is no problem.


Although network coverage in production environments can often be challenging, the aucobo solution ensures that no messages get lost. If a connection is not possible, the system distributes the data as soon as a connection is re-established. A clever escalation mechanism also ensures that messages which could not be delivered are automatically forwarded to a deputy or escalated.


Especially when using wearables such as Smartwatches, it is extremely important to design the app in an energy-efficient way. Through a special energy management and battery-saving programming, we achieve a maximum operating time even for devices with low battery capacity.


Even though using the cloud and connecting to the Internet is advisable and brings a lot of advantages, our apps work perfectly without an Internet connection. Thanks to a self-developed protocol, it is possible to send push notifications via Google servers even without a connection. Thus your data is safe in any case.

  • Android > 5.1
  • Android Wear > 1.5
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • iOS
How it Works

The interface to your team and machines

industrie smartwatch

aucobo mobile enables, among other things, the sending of tasks, the organisation of employees as well as the documentation and scanning of work processes using the integrated camera.

After a one-time configuration, employees are flexible and can, independent of location:

  • send and receive notifications
  • assign tasks – document processes (audio, camera)
  • receive status updates of workflows

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