The core of the system – which simplifies your system.

The aucobo core is the heart of the software. It handles the management and ensures absolute security. It also ensures that the loads (data, photos, voice messages and all forms of documentation) in the system are optimally distributed.

aucobo core


With the claim to always provide information on the appropriate device, new devices such as Smartwatches are also finding their way into production. To make these devices accessible for IT and to install authorizations and apps on them, external Mobile Device Management Systems (MDM) or the internal aucobo Device Management can be used. The aucobo system offers high flexibility and ensures that our Smartwatches can be operated securely without external MDM.


The task management maintains a clear overview even in turbulent times. It knows which roles or functions are currently available and ensures that this information is delivered correctly. There are options to accept, reject or pass on tasks. This ensures that no task is lost and no one who is busy or on a break is disturbed.


Production processes can change frequently. The Workflow Editor allows easy and flexible customization. It allows supervisors, production planners, lean managers or other employees who are familiar with the processes to create apps easily and without programming knowledge. The Workflow Editor contains important functions such as multi-level escalation mechanisms, blocking options and ready-to-use workflows that are adapted to production requirements.


A proper role and user management on the shop floor enables the easy management of qualifications and groups. The aucobo core goes one step further. With a simple scan of a QR code, groups and functions can be changed, thus enabling job rotation and self-organisation. Internal management systems such as Active Directory can also be connected via an LDAP interface.


The bidirectional communication as well as the direct exchange with different devices and roles produces completely new information about the communication structure and the current situation. This data can be collected and evaluated via the aucobo system. Personal data can be grouped or made anonymous if desired. Completely new insights are gained, which enable processes to be improved sustainably.

  • Maximum security through state-of-the-art encryption
  • Platform independent
  • Sequences, processes and apps can be defined without programming knowledge
  • Relief of employees through clever distribution of tasks
  • New findings from previously unavailable data
How it Works

Simple configuration of your workflows.

simple configuration

The aucobo core is the control center with which you manage all connected devices and users. The functionalities are adapted to your processes and already established workflows are taken over.

Assign tasks, understand workflows and minimize downtime. Integrated analysis tools deliver precise data where no data has been collected before and serve as a basis for comprehensive reporting, which is crucial for result-oriented optimization.

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