The aucobo solutions

Cost pressure, escalation management or machine downtime – the challenges for modern businesses are numerous. aucobo enables human-machine connection and increases production efficiency.

Faster communication &
optimized processes


Our state-of-the-art solution connects your workforce with your machines, enables a more efficient collaboration and creates a comprehensive digitization of your production, logistics and intralogistics.


The intelligent shopfloor management solution of aucobo decentralizes the communication and delivers condensed information at the right time to the right place: directly onto the wrists of your workforce.

Producing industries

Benefit from quick communication, shorter reaction times and optimized processes.

One core problem of shopfloor managers is that employees are responsible for multiple machines at once. Divided attention and difficult communication channels take time, create downtime and overhead.

aucobo enables machine operators to report defects and automatically inform the right maintainer. The systems decide dynamically which machine to prioritize and who to send for repair. The aucobo system creates a direct line of communication and reduces idle power, stress level and machine downtimes.

  • Easier machine operation through the distribution of tasks. Machines inform your employees on the maintenance status of machines, shortage of material, cleaning intervals, completed production processes or defects.
  • No semi-finished jobs anymore. Employees can inform drivers when a job is due. If for example, a container is almost full, a message is sent to the driver and helps him to reduce his tours to the necessary minimum.
  • Optimized Maintenance. Repair and maintenance messages are analyzed and automatically assigned. The simplification of communication channels enables a lean organisation through quicker reaction times.


aucobo brings the warehouse management onto your wrist. The solutions connect your employees via their smart device to the enterprise resource planning system and show what resources are needed at what location and where to go next: „Request for 2x articles X from shelve Y for Mr Maier at machine #7″.

  • Efficient intralogistics. Pick demands and dispatch advice to ensure that your goods are delivered to where they are needed.
  • Optimized routing. Instead of ineffective fixed timings for routes, employees can work goal orientated and are ready when and where they are needed. This limits bottlenecks, prevents shortage of materials and saves time.
  • Automated warehouse management. By consistently providing feedback about the inventory employees operate as “sensors”. This can be customized via a rule which initiates events as soon as rule-sets are met.

Software production

The aucobo software provides valuable data of all your systems, so you can use them easily and efficiently as notifications, to-dos, repostings and much more. This helps you analyze your communication channels and identify potentials to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes.

  • Save resources. The aucobo system saves resources and decreases the workload of your workforce through coordinated location and skill set data. aucobo identifies and notifies the right person and informs them directly onto their wrist. This increases task fulfilment and reduces the stress level of your employees.
  • Process optimization. The smart device contains an intuitive user interface. The reporting and analysis tools provide a comprehensive data-foundation for future process optimizations and to further decrease the workload of your employees. With aucobo you bring light into your data-BlackBox.

“The aucobo Smartwatch solution enables us to successfully coordinate the growing momentum in production and thus increase the effectiveness of our employees and machines.”

Michael Amrein
Project Manager Process-Technology, Continental Automotive GmbH

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