The direct line to your systems

The aucobo connector is the universal connection between your hardware and software systems and the aucobo core. It allows your machines and the aucobo system to communicate regardless of the system. This ensures that no data silos are created and aucobo fits perfectly into your production environment.

aucobo connector


The aucobo connector enables a flexible connection of the aucobo infrastructure with different systems you use. It provides a number of standard interfaces. The spectrum ranges from database queries via ODBC and direct control drivers of a Siemens S7 control system to industry 4.0 protocols such as MQTT or OPC-UA. In addition, preconfigured standard interfaces to ERP, BDE, MDE and MES systems such as ProSiS, MDPV Hydra, Gefasoft Legato Sapient, etc. provide a very good basis for connecting your IT landscape.


In order to enable the easy and fast setup and adjustment of connectors, aucobo provides pre-built nodes. These enable even older protocols to be prepared semantically so that the data can be used easily. The flexibility of the system allows different protocols and cyclic as well as event-based methods to be processed simultaneously.


To reduce high network and computing loads, we recommend event-based methods and protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, OPC-UA or event-based REST-capable interfaces such as HTTP(S). The aucobo solution can also be tailored to your application. We are happy to check which interface is ideal for your application.

How it Works

We connect your systems and prevents silos.

In order to improve networking between employees and machines and to strengthen the entire production chain, more efficient coordination is necessary.

Tasks should be processed faster and not arbitrarily, and prioritization should be automated.

To make this possible, the aucobo connector serves as a direct interface to a wide variety of machines. It converts all signals into the language of the aucobo infrastructure and sends/receives them directly to/from the data center – the aucobo core, where the classification, prioritization and distribution of tasks of all machines takes place.

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