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Data protection & personal rights

There is no evaluation of vital functions (steps, pulse etc.). Furthermore, no GPS data is recorded or evaluated. Only specific selected user groups can access personal data.

The company aucobo does not evaluate the actions of its employees. If and how an evaluation is based on the collected data has to be determined individually. In order to ensure that the personal rights of the employees are respected, an evaluation can be carried out in groups (larger than three persons) if desired.

It is possible to mute messages with a “pause button” to take employees out of the information flow. The employee has the possibility to control when he receives messages.

In order to provide clarity and security to users of the Smartwatches, an agreement should be drawn up to govern the handling of the data. This should be signed by the works council as well as by managers from the production department. In general, it is recommended to involve the works council in the planning before the start of a pilot project. Such a works agreement significantly increases the trust and acceptance of the employees.


The Smartwatches are cleaned with disposable cloths. The cloths can be provided in the group leader’s office, for example.

The Smartwatches have a unique identification (e.g. number), so that an assignment is possible. Each employee could therefore have his or her own Smartwatch, if desired.


We recommend a 15-minute feedback session once a week with all production employees. In addition, aucobo will participate at regular intervals in order to consider feedback for the further course of the project.

Employees should be relieved of workloads to make work easier but more efficient. Through improved man-machine communication, the company is taking a step towards Industry 4.0 and is contributing to the future viability of the company. In addition, the utilization of the plants is to be improved by shorter reaction times and self-optimized communication.

Change requests will be checked for technical feasibility and, depending on the effort involved, will be entered as updates during the pilot phase.

The pilot phase usually lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.

The escalation levels are individually adapted to each use case by means of the workflow editor. In case of system malfunctions, the person responsible for the area is usually informed. This person is often the central knowledge carrier and passes on the feedback.

A Smartwatch can be assigned to the employee either personally or to specific areas of activity, so that the Smartwatch can be used by several shift workers, for example. The number of watches varies depending on the application.

This depends on the individual use case and can be easily adjusted using the workflow editor.

In addition to the Smartwatches, we recommend to have spare Smartwatches in stock. This way, Smartwatches can be quickly exchanged if they are forgotten or not loaded.

Prior to the pilot, aucobo will provide training and instruction in the software for the employees concerned.

Yes, sound and vibration can be turned on and off individually.

System specifications

The battery life of the Smartwatches depends on the application and use. For example, video recordings are very CPU intensive and therefore have a strong impact on the battery life.
The Smartwatch Model S, for example, achieves a battery life of between 8 and 21 hours.

Yes, other end devices such as smartphones or tablets can also be used.

The Preliminary Technical Information Sheet contains general information about the system. You can request this from us.

The aucobo system is platform-independent and can therefore be run on a wide variety of devices. Besides Smartwatches with Windows 10 IoT Core, Smartwatches with Android operating system are supported. Furthermore, both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets can be used.

Usage by employees

For safety reasons, the strap of the Smartwatch will give way and break if a force of 98-107 Newton is applied, so that the wearer will not be caught by the Smartwatch if he or she gets stuck on a machine, for example.

The Smartwatches are usually being charged in the group leader’s office. Appropriate chargers have a magnetic charging cradle that charges the Smartwatch via robust contact pins. At the moment only single charging stations are available. A collective charging station will be officially introduced in the coming months.

The charging time is at a maximum of two hours.

The Smartwatches can be stored in the group leader’s office, for example. They are not normally taken outside the factory premises.

In the event of damage, the Smartwatches are sent to the manufacturer for repair.

The employee is not liable for any damage to the Smartwatches.

Is the bracelet adjustable (length)?
Yes, the bracelet is customizable and there are several models available, which differ in the type of buckle and color.

The soft material of the bracelet is a thermoplastic silicone material TPSiV® 3345-65A, which is usually used for products such as wearables that are in contact with the skin. The harder frame material included in the bracelet is a polyurethane TPU 1283D.
The metal case of the watch and the screws are made of stainless steel, which is not expected to cause an allergic skin reaction.
The painted upper part of the watch case has no skin contact and is therefore uncritical. All materials used are REACH and RoHS compliant. The corresponding declaration is not yet available and is currently being prepared as part of the certification process.
In order to verify skin compatibility, many devices were worn by test persons over a long period of time without any abnormalities such as skin irritation.

The needs, reservations and wishes of the employees are addressed in training courses and workshops. With the help of the workflow editor, individual wishes of the employees can also be implemented.

Model S and Model M are waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67.
Model L is dustproof and offers protection against splash water according to IP 65.

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