Frequently Asked Questions

What does the aucobo solution cost?

Since the implementation and use of our solution differs from use case to use case, this cannot be answered in a general way. Talk to one of our experts to get an individual offer.

Does the product also work with 5G?

Yes, since our product is hardware independent, we can also support a 5G network depending on the use case and existing conditions (e.g., with 5G-capable smartphone).

How long is the battery life of the smartwatches?

The type and frequency of use are decisive factors. For example, video and photo recordings have a higher impact on the battery consumption than machine messages. However, it can be said that the battery life is more than 9 hours in “normal” use on average.

Can I use the aucobo software on other devices?

Yes, our software is device- and platform-independent and runs on smartwatches and handheld devices like smartphones or tablets. It also supports other operating systems such as iOS and Win10IoT Core.

Are the smartwatches waterproof?

The watches are waterproof and dustproof (IP 67 certified) and can be cleaned accordingly.

Are the smartwatches issued on a person-by-person basis?

The watches have a unique identification (e.g. number), so that an assignment is possible. Each employee can therefore receive “his” own watch. (recommended, but does not have to be).

Got any other questions?

Feel free to ask us anything, we will respond shortly!

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