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There are numerous possible applications for the aucobo solution in production and logistics. This also applies to the area of quality checks. The aucobo solution optimizes quality checks and thus increases employee productivity.

In order to show further potentials in the future, we present the most common use cases at our customers in the series “Use Cases“.

In many companies, quality checks measures have to be carried out on a regular basis. They are often time-consuming for employees and require detailed documentation. In addition, this makes the path to lean production more difficult.

One way to increase employee satisfaction, productivity and reliability of documentation is to use industrial smartwatches.

In the following, you will learn how this has already been implemented for numerous customers.

Initial situation

In a production hall, many large machines are divided into machine groups. Specific employees are assigned to each group. It must be ensured that a quality check is carried out every 30 minutes. The employees who work in the respective group are responsible for this.

As a result, it is necessary to divide up within the responsibility group which employee is responsible for which inspection. In addition to the large coordination effort, the loss of time also plays a major role.

Furthermore, it is always possible that the responsible employee is performing another important task at the time of the actual inspection, so that he must hand over the inspection to a colleague. The actual task with the higher priority must still be interrupted in order to delegate the quality inspection to a colleague.

Another point that disturbs employees in their workflow is the lack of reminders. They always have to keep quality assurance in mind and regularly look at the clock. With large shopfloors, the distance to be covered is also not to be disregarded.

Employees have to walk to the PCs at the terminals, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or even QMS (Quality Management System) to start the quality check.

In order to save time and money and to be able to relieve the employees, many companies are looking for a smart solution for the quality checks.

Solution with the aucobo system

The use of the aucobo system and the industry smartwatch solved all these problems at once. Employees now receive automated quality check notifications on their industrial smartwatches every 30 minutes.

The reminder eased the workflow and allows employees to work on their tasks in a focused manner. It also ensures that no quality checks are missed.

In addition, coordination of tasks among each other is eliminated as each of the employees, in the respective machine group, receives regular notifications.

The first person to accept the task on the industrial smartwatch can perform the quality check. The rest of the employees are informed about it, so they have capacity to do or continue their actual activities.

One of the biggest advantages is that employees can also start the quality check by pressing a button on the industrial smartwatch. This eliminates unnecessary walking distances. The employee is now able to check the data directly on his smartwatch.

After going through the quality assurance process on the industrial smartwatch, employees can mark the check as “correct” or “incorrect.” If the employee selects “correct”, the quality assurance is marked as completed.

If an error was noticed during the inspection, the answer option “wrong” can be selected and five possible error categories appear that are relevant for this.

By selecting an error category, the quality check process is now completed and the error is forwarded to the responsible department. The information is passed on precisely and without further detours directly to the responsible persons.

The application of the aucobo solution led to more flexibility and relief of the individual employees overall. In addition, there are many other possibilities to design information processes individually and to adapt them to the respective situation.

Boost through aucobo system

The implementation of the aucobo system and the industrial smartwatches in the area of quality checks significantly improves some indicators. Demonstrably, both employee satisfaction and employee productivity are increased.

Especially the elimination of time-consuming documentation and the added flexibility for employees is met with enthusiasm. In addition, the distances employees have to travel every day can be significantly reduced.

The aucobo solution optimizes quality checks in companies and helps you take a significant step towards Industry 4.0. Thus, you also remain competitive.

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