How wearables can help in industrial environments

  • Michael Reutter
  • General

Since WiFi 6 and with 5G it is evident: The future is connected. But what are wearables and what do they have to do with a connected future?

Wearables are devices that are worn on the body and function like a mini-computer. These can be, among others, smart watches, smart phones or smart glasses. Wearables can be used in different ways in industrial environments, depending on the device and use case. For example, many of our customers use the aucobo Smartwatch in production to connect workers and machines on the shopfloor, thus reducing response times and increasing output.

Advantages of wearables in the industrial sector

Basically, all wearables are aimed at making processes more efficient in order to save costs. How exactly this goal is achieved differs in the use case. In general, the following advantages of wearables in production can be listed:

  • Direct communitcatin
  • Instant documentation
  • Shorter reaction times
  • Increased output
  • Easier training of employees
  • etc.

Not only because of the current situation (regarding the COVID-19 pandemic) should companies deal with these topics, but also considering the near future, wearables in the industrial sector are a topic that has become not only theory but also reality in many companies. So if you want to remain a player in your industry in the coming years, or even become a thought leader, wearables in industry are a step in the right direction.

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