Increase machine capacity with industrial smartwatches

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Increasing machine capacity in production is one of the supreme disciplines of process optimization. The reason for this is the complexity of the task. Many different factors, whether human or machine-dependent, play a role in this key figure.

Machine downtimes represent the biggest adjustment screw for machine capacity. For whatever reason, these are always negative for production and are also reflected in the sales figures.

Reduce machine downtime to increase machine capacity

The most common reasons for machine downtime are problems in the areas of quality, performance and availability. They are part of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and therefore crucial for sales.

These factors are particularly important for bottleneck machines. If these are not supplied with material on time or if faults are not rectified as quickly as possible, the effects on production are felt directly. So how can you ensure that machines stand still as little as possible and machine capacity is increased?

Industrial smartwatches are the solution

They improve the areas of quality, performance and availability. At the same time, they increase machine capacity and ensure better OEE. Industrial smartwatches are also only beneficial for the workers, as they keep their hands free and still provide valuable information at any time.

In the following, we will look at the individual reasons that influence response and processing time and limit machine capacity.

Reduce machine downtime

Let’s start with machine downtime due to malfunctions. As soon as a malfunction occurs in the machine, production is hindered. This means that it is particularly important to eliminate the malfunction quickly and effectively in order to avoid further losses.

One problem with machine malfunctions is the response time. Often, employees take far too long to realize malfunctions, this occurs especially in productions that still use display panels or rely exclusively on static warning lights.

With an industrial smartwatch, this cannot happen. By connecting the central systems with the smartwatches, malfunctions are displayed directly on the wrist of the responsible employees. Likewise, it is possible to integrate functions that allow employees to accept certain tasks, so that the rest of the production staff have capacity free again and resources are not wasted.

Avoid material shortage

The situation continues with downtimes due to a lack of material. Since there is hardly ever one employee per machine in today’s production facilities, the replenishment of material can quickly go by the wayside. Here, too, valuable production time is lost.

The industrial smartwatch can provide a quick remedy. Certain integrations ensure that employees are informed in good time as soon as the material stock is running low. This gives them enough time to add material without the machine coming to a standstill.

Make multi-machine operation possible

With the use of industrial smartwatches, multi-machine operation is made possible without sacrificing quality, performance and availability.

Documentation processes can be carried out digitally to save time. This means that information is neither lost nor does it rob workers of too much time. Communication among employees is also simplified.

Functions such as sending pictures or calling specific employees runs in no time at all. Step-by-step instructions can also be integrated on the smartwatch, so that even less frequent tasks can be solved efficiently.

In addition to these benefits, there are many more that will make your workers’ daily lives easier and increase machine capacity in production.

Industrial smartwatches are therefore not a newfangled gimmick for employees, but deliver real added value for productions, which is also reflected in the sales figures and the OEE.

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