New Feature – Photo interaction

  • Michael Reutter
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With the last update we have included the photo feature in our software. This feature makes it possible to take photos directly via a photo-capable smart device (Smartwatch, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) and send them to colleagues. The photos can also be saved and used for documentation.

How it works

Step 1

aucobo foto senden feature
Start photo interaction

Step 2

aucobo smartwatch foto feature 2
Take a photo

Step 3

aucobo foto senden
Send the photo

Possible use case

A machine operator receives a malfunction notification and goes to the machine to solve the problem. He sees that a mechanical malfunction is the cause and takes a photo of it. He sends this photo to a colleague in the maintenance department. He immediately recognizes the problem from the photo and knows exactly what is necessary to solve the problem.

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