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In today’s corporate world, there is constantly the question of satisfying the customer and how they receive the required performance from companies. The pressure which arises on the side of the employees often remains unnoticed. Only few companies are concerned with the question how to relieve their employees in a targeted manner.

However, stress at the workplace is an issue that should gain more attention in today’s world. Statistics show that stress at the workplace can have a negative impact on both the health of the employees and their productivity.

In order to actively prevent this, it is important to ask how employees can be relieved of stress in a targeted manner. An ergonomic work design by adapting the activity to the employee should be promoted in order to reduce the stress level at the workplace.

In the following you will learn which factors can trigger stress in employees and how companies can easily relieve their employees.

Factors promoting stress

Stress factors for employees

1. Lack of control & autonomy

An influential factor that can affect the stress level of employees is the feeling of lack of control and autonomy in the execution of their work. Strict delegation of employees on the part of supervisors can put them under significant pressure and therefore constantly drive up their stress level.

But the solution is simple: the employer should trust that he can give his employees more freedom and autonomy in planning and performing their work. Therefor it is helpful to provide tools that support the employee and at the same time promote their independent actions.

2. No targeted distribution of tasks

This is accompanied by the aspect that tasks are often distributed in an uncertain and not target-oriented manner. Here, employers should take care to forward the transfer of work assignments to the appropriate employee in a targeted manner in order to prevent excessive demands and complexity.

It can be helpful to delegate tasks digitally and precisely with the help of tools such as smart devices and thus assign the right employee.

3. No prioritization of tasks

Another stress factor can be excessive demands on the employee due to unclear priorities, missing workflows, and multitasking. If there is no clear regulation in which order the employee has to complete his assignments, this can put psychological strain on him.

To remedy this aspect and to relieve the employees, tools that automatically provide the employee with a prioritization of tasks could be used. This takes time pressure off the employees and organizes their workflows automatically.

4. Repetitive tasks & underchallenge

In addition to the feeling of being overwhelmed, a feeling of being underchallenged by repetitive tasks can be a burden on the employee. Repeatedly performing one and the same activity can demotivate the employee in the long term and be a psychological stress multiplier.

To work around this factor in a purposeful way, employers could give their employees more autonomy in the distribution of tasks among themselves. If employees can coordinate and forward tasks to each other independently, their workflows will become more varied and versatile. This can be done, for example, by providing tools that can be used to quickly and digitally forward specific tasks to colleagues.

5. Unclear time management

Another stress factor is unclear time management or even lack of break times. Employers should always keep in mind that their employees do not overwork themselves or take too few breaks.

By digitally recording working hours in real time, it is possible to track how long an employee spends on his or her job and consequently to check whether breaks are being taken.

6. Unnecessary routes for communication

Unnecessary communication routes at the workplace are not only a mental but also a physical burden for employees. In addition, they often cost valuable time that employees could use for their actual tasks.

To reduce unnecessary ways for employees, smart tools can be used to enable digital communication in real time. This means that the employee does not have to go to his colleague’s workplace to contact him but can simply pass on information digitally.

7. Excessive workload

Another stress-promoting factor is the mental strain on employees caused by an excessive workload and also uncoordinated workflows.

Digital coordination and organization with the help of suitable tools can relieve employees both mentally and physically.

8. Lack of documentation

To keep track of all tasks and their performance, the employee needs a lot of concentration and attention. This factor also puts him under enormous internal pressure, as a lack of documentation can quickly lead to errors in the activity.

Therefor it makes sense to support documentation and the provision of information with the help of digital technologies. If information and work processes are stored and documented digitally, the employee does not have to deal with them delayed.

This reduces both stress and the risk of data loss. In addition, collected information can be transmitted and recorded directly and digitally to colleagues or even supervisors.

9. Complexity of tasks

The employee can also quickly become stressed by the complexity of the tasks and tend to become overwhelmed.

To relieve him in this respect, there are technologies that can be integrated directly at the workplace. One the one hand, these technologies can inform the employee about everything relevant, and on the other hand, they can also guide him through work processes in a targeted manner.

This applies to indirect areas as well as to production and logistics.

How the aucobo solution relieves employees in the production

Exactly these 9 factors can be reduced with the help of the aucobo solution and thus relieve the employees by lowering their stress level.

1. Independent control of tasks

To give employees a greater sense of control and autonomy over their activities, the aucobo solution can be used. By integrating our software with smart wearables, employees can coordinate and control their own activities, which reduces stress levels as well as increases their satisfaction.

2. Targeted & digital distribution of tasks

An uncertain and not goal-oriented delegation of tasks to the employee puts him under enormous pressure and tension. We at aucobo have the solution: our software in combination with our smart watches enables tasks to be matched with the employee’s skills and then automatically assigned digitally. This prevents indiscriminate shuffling of tasks back and forth and enables targeted work instructions.

3. Option to prioritize tasks

In case of unclear priorities and missing workflows, the aucobo solution provides a remedy. The option for task prioritization provides the employee with an optimal overview of the task handling and thus significantly reduces the stress level. In addition, structured task management reduces time pressure, giving the employee more time for other activities.

4. Individual coordination of tasks

Independent task coordination among employees can be easily implemented with the help of the aucobo solution. When an employee receives a new task message on his smartwatch, he can accept it or forward it to colleagues if he has no free capacity at the moment. This creates a more flexible distribution of work and prevents the occurrence of repetitive tasks and feelings of underload.

5. Digital time management

The aucobo solution can also be used for digital time recording. By integrating a “check-in” function, employees can track their working hours transparently and thus be protected from overwork.

6. Communication through digital networking

An obvious advantage of the aucobo solution is the simplified and fast communication between employees. Thanks to digital networking, employees can contact their colleagues by pushing a button and save themselves old-fashioned communication methods as well as superfluous routes.

7. Digital capture of work steps

A workload that is too high due to too many tasks can drive up the employee’s stress level enormously. The aucobo solution ensures that employees are not overwhelmed by work orders by digitally recording which steps of the work execution are performed and the task processing can only be done sequentially.

8. Function of digital documentation

Besides the work process, the subsequent documentation can be simplified with the help of the aucobo solution. The employee can digitally record all relevant information and processes with the documentation function of the aucobo software. This relieves him and saves time-consuming documentation afterwards. In addition, emerging problems can be recorded immediately and forwarded to supervisors.

9. Reduction of complexity

The aucobo solution reduces the complexity of work orders with the help of an instruction function. This enables step-by-step instructions for the employee on how to execute their task. In addition, it offers the employee and the supervisor a continuous learning and improvement process.

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