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Around 67% of companies are not satisfied with the results of data analysis in the production area. False alarms result in high costs, the production process is very difficult to track, and a certain amount of prior knowledge is required to interpret the recorded data.

This is stressful for employees and not conducive to overall employee satisfaction or effective work practices.

In order to relieve employees, the use of an industrial smartwatch with associated software can be useful.

Smart task management on the shopfloor

Through the use of industrial smartwatches, it is possible to send employees specific tasks to their smartwatch that fit them and their qualifications.

Employees can accept or reject the task.

Accepting assigned tasks

If the task is accepted, a notification goes to the system that the corresponding task is in progress and the employee gets the status “Busy”. As a result, no new tasks are assigned to the employee until he marks the task he is now working on as completed.

This ensures that he can work on the task with focus and without distraction, without constantly receiving new messages or orders.

Reject assigned tasks

However, if an employee declines the task or the task is ignored or unanswered by the employee for a certain period of time, the task is automatically distributed to the next qualified and available employee.

This loop continues until an employee accepts the task.

Protect break times with “not available” status

In addition, employees have the option of setting their own status to “unavailable” if, for example, they are on a break, in the restroom, or so on. It is not possible to track where the employee is and why the employee is set to “unavailable”.

The tool is not designed to control, but rather to ease the burden on employees by integrating rest periods when employees do not receive notifications.

This type of communication means that tasks will no longer be lost. Employees are more concentrated, are not overwhelmed and can enjoy their breaks undisturbed.

In case of an emergency where a person must be notified but is in the “unavailable” status at the time, there is a special function that ignores the status. However, this function should only be used in exceptional situations.

Factors that lead to excessive demands on employees

Employees on the shopfloor often receive a lot of information visually and acoustically. However, much of this information is irrelevant to individual employees. There are certain key figures in production that are important, but not of equal relevance to all employees.

Unclear Andon panels

Often, all possible key figures are displayed brightly and flashing on a large board in the production hall. It is clear that this can lead to excessive demands and confusion among employees – especially since often only two or three of these key figures are important for individual employees. Accordingly, it is difficult for these employees to grasp their key figures with a quick glance. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly take a closer look to see whether the relevant key figures have been updated or where there are problems. In the long run, this not only costs valuable time, but also reduces employee satisfaction.

Industry smartwatch – the Andon tablet of modern times

The use of industrial smartwatches ensures that employees only receive the information and key figures that are relevant to them. This reduces stress and prevents confusion. It is also possible to receive different information depending on the job status.

For example, an entry-level employee could be given more step-by-step instructions on the watch in the first few months that they can click through to get used to the process flow.

An experienced employee, on the other hand, would only be sent notifications and reminders for quality assurance or important malfunctions.

This optimized communication process leads to higher employee satisfaction, a more efficient way of working, increased learning ability and overall more efficient processes.

Inefficient material ordering

If the material on a machine runs out, the machine operator usually recognizes this first. He then turns to another person and informs him about the required material.

Only then is the warehouse informed and the required material requested. The ordering and delivery of the missing materials is delayed many times over due to inefficient communication. It is particularly cost-intensive and annoying when a machine comes to a standstill as a result.

Order missing material with just one click by using the smartwatch

With an industrial smartwatch, much of the time to replenish the material can be saved. The machine operator can send a direct order to the warehouse with one click.

Warehouse employees receive the order with material, quantity and station directly on their smartwatch and can execute the order directly.

Feedback function

With the integrated feedback function, employees can indicate on the smartwatch directly and without much effort which information is helpful or important for them and which is not. In this way, the system can be continuously optimized and adapted to the individual needs of the employees.

In addition, important events can be recorded directly with just a few clicks and colleagues can be informed across shifts.

By using industrial smartwatches and the appropriate software, employees are supported, excessive demands are prevented, employee concentration is promoted and general employee satisfaction is increased.

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