COVID-19 Features

aucobo offers an easy to use solution to keep your production running during and after the Corona Pandemic.

We help you control social distancing measures, carry out contact tracking in compliance with data protection regulations and provide you with tools to optimize your communication.

The challenge

Production closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic are a major issue worldwide. The following key questions arise in production:

  • How can it be ensured that production continues and employees are protected at the same time?
  • How can a spread of the corona virus in the company and the threat of closure be prevented?
  • How can preventive measures be implemented in a scalable manner in larger companies?

Solution: The aucobo COVID-19 App

To be able to equip all employees we have developed the aucobo COVID-19 App, which can be installed on Smartphones and on our Smartwatches. This can be used to equip both business and private devices. Through absolute anonymization, individually adjustable and time-controllable functions, every employee has the possibility to determine if and when data should be shared.

Distance warning

The WHO recommends a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other people. However, in some areas this is difficult. The aucobo COVID-19 App monitors whether the distance between employees is maintained. If 2 employees come too close to each other, they receive a warning.

digitales kontakttagebuch für produktion


In order to be able to trace which persons have been in contact with newly infected persons, the traceability of encounters is an important measure to limit the spread of the virus. aucobo offers a data protection compliant solution that protects the privacy of every employee.

aucobo smartwatch for the industry

Walkie-Talkie function and photo Documentation

When working at a distance, agreements become more difficult. Various documentation functions can be used to avoid loss of information. With the walkie-talkie function, employees can communicate via the Smartwatch or a smartphone and the photo function allows easy documentation.

Why aucobo?

  • Secure data protection
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Direct communication without direct contact
  • Works on Smartphones and Smartwatches
  • The aucobo solution is easily scalable

Application of the Covid-19 App in reality


During the handover of shifts, employees must communicate with each other in order to exchange information with colleagues, e.g. where problems have occurred, what has been done and what is still pending. Due to the current situation, however, organizational measures are often taken, such as increasing breaks between shifts to avoid contact. However, this leads to the shift handover not working properly and information being lost. Analogue methods such as pen and paper are used to counteract this, but they are cumbersome, inaccurate and prone to errors. The better method is to record all important information by photo, voice or text message. Simply and directly on the wrist – with the help of an industrial Smartwatch.

Colleagues can be informed by text message that the filter on machine three was changed at 11 a.m. and oil leaked. In addition, a photo of the oil can be taken and the consistency of the oil can be described by voice message so that colleagues have a better idea of the situation.


Often employees on the shop floor have questions such as whether a manufactured part may have streaks on the surface. In the past, the contact person had to come in person, look at the part and tell the employee that streaks are not a problem because it is an invisible part of the final product. This type of contact not only costs a lot of time, but should also be kept to a minimum in times of Corona. This can be solved by equipping workers with mobile devices such as industrial smart watches. This allows them to take voice messages and photos at any time and send them directly to a colleague or group of colleagues wherever they are. They can respond immediately to resolve problems as quickly as possible and ensure information exchange without having to be in personal contact.

Stand-up Meetings

At the daily stand-up meeting, colleagues usually come into close contact with each other. In times of Corona, an attempt is made to maintain a certain distance, but this is not always maintained. This can be counteracted by mobile devices with the aucobo COVID-19 App. If two employees come too close to each other, they receive a signal tone on their Smartwatches or a warning by vibration.

How it Works

The data protection compliant aucobo contact diary

Optimized for businesses, usable on private or business devices. Users can exchange information anonymously, even from home, via the linked Partner App. With the aucobo contact diary according to the DP-3T standard, it is not possible to identify persons with this decentralized approach. Only on the affected devices or the paired apps is it displayed whether there has been contact with an infected person or not.

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