be smart,
watch your productivity

aucobo enables a much more efficient interaction of workers and machines on the shopfloor, through using new types of connecting and communication, and provides a comprehensive digitization on the shop floor.

Make your production more efficient with
Industrial Smartwatches.


Easy integration to existing system environments.


Communication without coordinations and detours.


Important information at the right time to the right person.


Shorter reaction times lessens downtimes.

The challenge

For 20 years the way machhines communicate with workers hasn’t changed – with static screens and signal lights. These informations aren’t targeted and cause over stimulation of the employees and great need for coordination among themselves. This leads to inefficient processes and downtimes.

The aucobo solution

The aucobo software optimizes the interaction between humans and machines through industrial smartwatches. This makes communication in production mobile, simple and effective. The functionalities are designed so that the software can be adapted to individual requirements without programming knowledge.

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be smart, watch your productivity