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The WITTENSTEIN SE Group has outstanding expertise in mastering and developing all relevant technologies in mechatronic drive engineering. Its innovative, high-precision drive systems are used in robots, Fomel-1, nanotechnology and aerospace, among other applications.

For over 70 years, they have been offering their customers innovative and future-proof solutions in all their areas of expertise. Their vision is to be an excellent partner for their customers worldwide with intelligent components in the field of mechatronic drive technology.

The company was looking for a way to optimize communication on the shop floor, thereby making their processes more efficient and increasing productivity.

Since the company has been using the aucobo solution, the response time in the event of machine malfunctions has been reduced significantly and, at the same time, productivity in production has been increased measurably.

In addition, the new data can be used to derive measures for future optimization on the store floor.

Challenge: Digital Shop Floor Communication

A recurring challenge for WITTENSTEIN SE was the process of communication in the event of disruptions on the shop floor. This process was to be optimized as far as possible in order to increase productivity in assembly.

To solve the problem, the company first initiated its own pilot project internally to ensure the smoothest possible digital communication on the shopfloor through organizational and process measures.

The added value of the pilot was convincing but now the next step was to increase scalability.

The overarching goals were to create transparency and increase productivity in production.

A reliable partner and a new, digital communication option were needed…

Solution: Digital incident management

The use of the aucobo system enables WITTENSTEIN SE to make communication and thus manufacturing processes more efficient and increase productivity.

Thanks to the speed and device independency of the aucobo software, manufacturing employees can now send messages directly to the right people on the go.

In addition, data is collected that can serve as a basis for new optimization approaches.

As a result of digital incident management, disturbance factors can now be identified and communicated more quickly, reducing failure costs and thus manufacturing costs.

More flexibility through the open API

By networking with additional data sources, the system will be able to directly identify the right contact person for a fault in the future. This will further optimize the escalation process and simplify handling for employees.

In addition, the aucobo system with its open API and detailed documentation offers the possibility to extend it with own software systems.

Especially the open API, the device independency, as well as the speed and reliability of the system were the deciding factors for us to choose aucobo as our partner.

Nicolas Walk, IIoT Specialist Manufacturing, WITTENSTEIN SE

Maximum savings at minimum cost

Within 12 months, verifiable savings have already been achieved, exceeding the costs of implementation by a factor of 4.5. Likewise, employee satisfaction has been increased due to simplified communication.

WITTENSTEIN SE intends to roll out the aucobo solution, which is currently being used in several assembly and production lines in its manufacturing operations, throughout the company. Because the results achieved so far are convincing: the response time in the event of machine malfunctions has been reduced many times over and interruptions to the assembly process have been minimized.

The newly collected data will also be used for a possible expansion along the value chain to improve processes in manufacturing and to cover further use cases with the aucobo solution.

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