Make your machine operations more efficient
with Smartwatches

Increase productivity by
up to25% with wearables

Increase productivity by
up to 25% with wearables

Achieve high efficiency gains in machine operation and machine monitoring
through using the mobile application of the aucobo smartwatch solution.

Multi-Machine Operation

Due to the increasing degree of automation in production workers are often responsible for several machines and areas simultaneously. Although these changes were so significant, communication between machines and employees has barely changed, resulting in a series of problems and challenges.

Decrease Downtimes

Causes for downtimes, such as material shortages or upcoming setup processes, are often detected too late in the hectic world of production. Even immediate downtimes get noticed late, because responsible employees are busy with other activities. An early response to error sources and faster response times in general are essential for minimizing downtimes. These are achievable by using aucobo’s smartwatch-solution, which strives for full utilisation of workers and machines.

Improved Self-Organization

Employees need sufficient freedom to react to unforeseen problems or changes in the production process. Too narrow and inflexible assignments makes accomplishing tasks rarely possible. Therefore process owners have to work together with machine operators, to be able to design workflows individually and restructure them on the move if need for it arises. This is the only way to implement changes in production quickly, spontaneously and flexibly. With enableable communication and forwarding functions, employees can coordinate with each other and clarify issues easily. The aucobo system was developed, that both the corresponding processes and the app itself are completly customizable without any programming knowledge.

Effective Shopfloor Coordination

Another challenge in production is the more complex communication between workers and the associated shopfloor management. Unscheduled changes and communication across different plants rarely reach everyone, which increases difficulties in coordination. The distances of individual employees are so great nowadays, that a simple call across the hall doesn’t reach anyone. This leads to problems when calling support, because it can’t be coordinated quickly without needing to traverse long distances or organize someone over a telephone. In practice, contact persons are limited when answering a call, which adds to the frustrations of employees and increases the effort necessary to reach the right contact person. With aucobo, short messages can be exchanged directly via the smartwatch. A priorization and escalation concept ensures that in any case import messages are read.

Benefits of using the smartwatch-solution


The smartwatch simplifies communication among employees, and enables better shop floor management, even with great distances between individual employees.

Sensory Overload

Continuous noise, signal lights and display of different key figures overwhelm employees due to the multitude of stimuli. The smartwatch sends important information to the responsible employee in a targeted manner.


By wearing the smartwatch both hands remain free to work, it ensures in hectic situations that the device is not left while information is perceived directly by vibration.


Send, receive and confirm information directly on the wrist.


Reach Employees reliably throughout the plant, regardless of current location.

Suitable for Industrial Use

Robust stand-alone smartwatches
for harsh production environments

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