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The New Way of

With the aucobo system, machine malfunctions are remedied faster by more efficient maintenance processes.

Challenges of today's maintenance

Managing maintenance efficient is becoming more difficult in the increasingly complex production. Fully automated machines require even more skilled and specialized workers, and the costs of downtimes are increasing. Coordinating maintenance personnel between periods of full load, unscheduled maintenance, and scheduled maintenance is a major challenge. The use of the aucobo system facilitates the daily work in the maintenance by …

Instandhalter in der Produktion mit Industrie Smartwatch

The aucobo system simplifies communication between maintenance staff and ensures more efficient and faster coordination. Maintenance messages can, for example, be transmitted to a group of responsible persons at the same time. By simply accepting or rejecting jobs directly on the smartwatch, employees can work in a self-organized manner and avoid unnecessary trajectories. This eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls and coordinations.
Since the prioritization of the messages can be adapted quickly, depending on the situation, it is ensured that the most important machines are always treated with priority.

Writing maintenance and service reports takes a long time, and is usually done delayed at the end of the shift. Photos of the cause of the problem or broken materials are often important for documentation, but not available due to late documentation.
By connecting aucobo to maintenance systems, photos and comments of the repair process can be taken directly from the aucobo Smartwatch and thus facilitate the documentation.

By connecting the aucobo system directly to MES, ERP and other software systems, response times are shortened because employees do not report error messages themselves, but machines request the right expert directly themselves. The error message can be delegated to individual areas or directly to individual maintenance personnel. This makes the coordination of the maintenance groups even better, since individualized settings can be made according to target groups, activities, qualifications and individuals. Thus resulting in faster reaction times to spontaneous and unplanned events. In addition, escalation levels can be defined to ensure that tasks are done reliably.

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