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There are numerous possible applications for the aucobo solution in production and logistics. This also applies to the area of machine downtime. The aucobo solution reduces machine downtime and thus ensures higher machine utilization.

In order to demonstrate further potential in the future, we present the most common use cases at our customers in the “Use Cases” series. The use of industrial smartwatches greatly simplifies communication on the shop floor.

The aucobo solution ensures a smooth connection between man and machine. Unplanned machine downtime can be reduced and preemptively prevented through broad networking. The results are improved communication, faster problem solving and thus higher machine utilization.

In the following, you will learn how this has already been implemented for numerous customers.

Initial situation

In addition to planned downtimes, unplanned downtimes are time and money wasters. They are often detected too late and are technically difficult to solve. In addition, most employees have more than one machine to look after, making it more difficult to keep an eye on everything.

This unnecessarily prolongs the downtimes of the machines. However, as soon as an employee has detected the standstill of a machine, the problem is far from being solved. The main work now follows. First, the fault in the machine must be identified.

This requires specially trained maintenance staff, who are difficult to reach on the large shop floor. Since employees in large production facilities are still equipped with impractical telephones, it takes more time to reach the appropriate employee.

In the “worst case”, employees have to start looking for the maintenance staff personally, because they do not have the phone with them or, if the machine noise is too loud, they simply cannot hear it.

From the point of view of maintenance staff, the telephone is an annoying companion that only causes them stress in their daily work. The phone rings incessantly and they cannot know before the call how important the problem is, nor whether they need certain tools for the repair.

With constant interruptions, the ability to concentrate on important main work also decreases. All these problems create a chain of small delays that lead to far too long downtimes and important production time is lost.

Solution with the aucobo system

With the aucobo solution, all these delays can be significantly reduced. First of all, by implementing industrial smartwatches on the shop floor, workers no longer need to lug around cumbersome phones.

Everyone is connected via industry smartwatches. Pictures and voice messages can be sent to give the maintenance person a picture of the problem in the machine in advance. This allows him to assess how much work the problem will involve or whether he needs additional support.

The aucobo system ensures that the right information is directed to the right employee at any time. It is filtered and only forwarded to the specialist who is also responsible for it.

The aucobo system also gives workers the option to activate a do-not-disturb mode on their industrial smartwatches. If they are in the middle of an important task and do not want to be distracted, they can make use of this.

But what happens to the messages that were sent to a person, but he has activated the do-not-disturb mode? The aucobo system has the right solution for this situation as well.

In this case, there is the possibility to create so-called backup groups. If a message cannot be delivered due to the do-not-disturb mode, the message is automatically forwarded to the next person in the backup group.

This continues until the message could be delivered. This way, information cannot get lost and there is always an employee available.

By networking the aucobo system with the central interfaces of the machines, it is also possible to perform a holistic evaluation here. Reaction times can be measured and tracked in order to subsequently identify and eliminate possible sources of error.

The implementation of the aucobo solution reduces machine downtime. This results in higher machine utilization, which both increases production capacity and saves costs.

Boost through aucobo system

The aucobo solution ensures that all tasks are completed conscientiously, but at the same time offer employees the possibility to perform complex tasks in a highly concentrated manner.

Likewise, better analysis options enable greater transparency of response times, so that further optimization can be achieved here. The introduction of the aucobo system brings many advantages. Not only the communication is optimized, but also the workers themselves get a much higher flexibility.

Thanks to improved communication, unplanned downtimes in particular can be minimized and prevented. This leads to a higher utilization of the machines and offers a higher efficiency of the production.

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