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Reducing reaction times in the production is an important issue in the industry. This also applies to the area of fault messages in maintenance. The aucobo solution reduces the response times of employees, prevents machine downtimes and thus increases machine availability.

In order to demonstrate further potential in the future, we present the most common use cases at our customers in the “Use Cases” series. The use of industrial smartwatches greatly simplifies communication on the shop floor.

The aucobo solution ensures a smooth connection between man and machine. Unplanned machine downtime can be reduced and preemptively prevented through broad networking. The results are improved communication, faster problem solving and thus higher machine utilization.

In the following, you will learn how this has already been implemented for numerous customers.

Initial situation

As the level of automation in production increases, maintenance staff have to take over ever larger production areas. Machine malfunctions are signaled to the maintenance staff – but unfortunately with outdated inefficient solutions. As a result, the maintenance technician does not have a clear overview of the machines and error messages are only corrected at a late stage.

Reporting a machine’s malfunction is often only done via the employees’ cell phones or by paging. There is usually a lack of targeted contact with the right maintenance staff. If all maintenance technicians are informed at the same time, often no one feels properly addressed. Thus, taking over the troubleshooting can take some time until the right employee takes over the task.

Another problem is the specific information transfer of the machine malfunction. In most cases, maintenance technicians only receive information about the machine on which a malfunction is illuminated, but do not know any further details. Only when they arrive at the machine itself the maintenance staff can read out what type of malfunction it is.

If material or tools are still needed to rectify the fault, they can only be fetched afterwards. Long communication channels and a lack of information take an enormous amount of time, delay the repair and cause machine downtimes.

All this leads to unnecessarily long downtimes and thus to a low OEE.

Solution with the aucobo system

With the help of the aucobo solution, inefficient delays in maintenance can be reduced. By integrating our industrial smartwatches, maintenance staff receive all fault messages in real time on their wrist.

In addition to the fault message, the maintenance technician also receives all relevant information about the machine malfunction. In this way, he can procure the required materials in advance or contact colleagues directly via the smartwatch who can help him with the repair.

Furthermore, the coordination of tasks among each other is eliminated, since each of the employees, of the respective machine group, receives regular notifications.

Another advantage is that the message is passed on quickly. The maintenance technician can forward the fault message to another colleague if he is already performing another task.

By the simple option of accepting the task on the smartwatch, it can be confirmed that a machine malfunction will be repaired. The task is then added to the maintenance technician’s task list and will be prioritized.

By opening the task, the maintenance technician not only finds all relevant information about required material, but also is guided step by step through the repair processes. This enables direct and digital documentation of the employees’ work steps.

Boost through aucobo system

The integration of the aucobo solution in combination with our industrial smart watches in maintenance optimizes several problems. On the one hand, it leads to a reduction in employee response times. By targeting the right maintenance staff, tasks can be distributed efficiently.

Thanks to clear prioritization of tasks, fault messages are processed in time and machine downtimes are prevented. The integrated provision of information saves time for the maintenance technician, speeds up the repair process and leads to increased machine availability.

The documentation function allows maintenance staff to save all important data and processes. This not only saves time, but also can facilitate future optimizations in the work process.

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