Industry Smartwatch vs. Consumer Smartwatch

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Smartwatches are increasingly becoming our everyday companion – in the private as well as in the industrial sector. But what are the differences between industrial and consumer Smartwatches?

One thing is certain: the market for Smartwatches is growing rapidly and more and more suppliers are joining with improved models.

The Smartwatch in the private sector is able to receive mails, messages, WhatsApp messages and calls in the consumer area. The full appointment calendar is sent directly to the watch, giving a clear overview of appointments even in stressful situations. It records fitness data such as calories, steps and pulse and shows whether you have been active enough during the day. In addition, the sleep behavior can be analyzed. Also an alarm clock is integrated in the sense of vibration on the wrist.

The industry Smartwatch works similarly. With a Smartwatch (and the associated software) integrated in the company, it is no longer left by chance whether an employee notices immediately that a machine has a fault. Thus, the industrial Smartwatch reduces machine downtimes, increases efficiency and product quality, implements targeted maintenance, reduces the susceptibility of machines to faults and speeds up decision-making processes.

Their use also simplifies communication between individual employees and saves money because of the optimized communication channels between man and machine. The system can also send messages about machine malfunctions directly to the right employee who has the appropriate skills to solve the problem. This ensures that machine downtimes are detected, processed and resolved as optimally as possible and in the shortest possible time.

In contrast to the smartwatch in the consumer sector the industrial smartwatch has a stand-alone capability. This means that the smartwatch can also be used without coupling to a mother device – a smartphone. The individual employees only have to be equipped with a smartwatch instead of a smartphone and a smartwatch in the same time. If necessary the smartwatches in the industrial sector can also be equipped with LTE, so that they can be used for outdoor use cases or in areas without WiFi access. There are also the first watches wit ATEX protection, which allows use in explosion proof areas.

The direct benefit of the employee

The integrated camera enables various codes to be scanned. As an example, the machine operator can reorder a certain production material by scanning the product code, inserting the required amount and sending it directly to the warehouse using the smartwatch. The screen of the smartwatch is designed so that the touchscreen can be operated properly even when wearing work gloves. In order to ensure occupational safety, predetermined breaking points are partially incorporated into the wristband of the smartwatch. If there is a strong pull on the bracelet, for example triggered by the closing of a machine, the wristband of the watch will tear and the employee’s arm will remain intact.

Overview of your benefits:

Consumer Smartwatch

  • Organization
  • Receiving messages/calls
  • Fitness Analysis
  • Analysis of the sleep behavior
  • Integrated wake-up function

Industry Smartwatch

  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • Increased efficiency and production
  • Targeted maintenance
  • Simplified communication
  • Faster decision-making processes

It is becoming apparent that consumer and industrial Smartwatches work very similarly, but with different intentions. But one thing is for sure, Smartwatches help us in many ways in today’s world and can support us both privately and professionally.

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