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The areas of logistics and assembly in manufacturing companies are often only weakly automated and little digitized. This is particularly true for small and medium-sized companies.

The work processes here are mostly carried out with the help of manual systems and time-consuming work steps. Above all, communication between the two areas is not highly digitized yet.

In order to show further potential in the future, we present the most common use cases at our customers in the series “Use Cases”.

In the following, you will learn how this has already been implemented for numerous customers.

Initial situation

In the course of their daily work, logistics employees scan the material by hand and then place it in a load carrier. This is then taken to the assembly department. The employees in assembly can then start their upcoming work order.

Of course, there are highly advanced companies with sophisticated replenishment systems, such as in the automotive industry. However, you often still encounter very traditionally operating companies.

If the material in the assembly is used up, the logistics is contacted by phone call. Alternatively, the assembly workers set out themselves to procure supplies.

Manual material procurement costs a lot of time and can often be delayed in these ways.

Solution with the aucobo system

Here, the aucobo solution offers the chance to save massive amounts of time in the material procurement process. The material flow can be organized digitally by pressing a button on a smart watch or smartphone or by scanning a barcode on the load carrier.

Using the aucobo app, logistics staff receive an “empty material, bring new” notification and can then refill the material box immediately .

This simple communication function of the aucobo app eliminates the need for middlemen to manage material transport between the logistics and the assembly. This not only saves time, but can also have a stress-reducing effect on employees.

If the automatic forwarding of the request for material is guaranteed, the workers can focus on their actual tasks. For logistics staff, this means not having to constantly keep an eye out for running low stock in the process.

The aucobo software offers another solution in the logistics and assembly sector for the distribution of requests and tasks. By integrating the aucobo software on a smart wearable, logistics employees can easily accept incoming requests.

By clicking on a corresponding button, the acceptance by the logistics employee can take place. This signals automatically to all other employees that the task is already being performed.

Consequently, duplicate order execution can be prevented and time-consuming arrangements among colleagues can be avoided.

Boost through aucobo system

Through this solution of the aucobo system, in the first step not only the communication and processes between the areas are simplified and accelerated, but can be completely automated. This eliminates delays and ensures efficient and effective order execution in the assembly.

In summary, the use of the aucobo system offers a significant reduction in workload in the logistics and the assembly.

In addition to the enormous time savings and more efficient workflow planning, it also serves to relieve the employees above all. Through the stress-free use of the aucobo solution, they can optimally coordinate with each other and thus have more time to focus on other tasks.

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